MyRussianMatch Review

MyRussianMatch Review

The main page and basic features

MyRussianMatch is a rather new dating platform that quickly gained a big audience thanks to its well-organized work and a result-oriented approach. It is focused on Eastern European brides.

The site combines both a classical interface for online dating and a trendy dating blog with many vital topics. There is also a women gallery preview on the main page.

Comfortably enough, numerous success stories can also be seen in the first place. At the moment, they mostly come from men around 30, who rarely seek marriage but some do date a long term.

Since the site is new, it definitely has all the possibilities ahead to unite singles exactly for marriage like it is proclaimed on their main page. Success stories are added regularly.

Some concrete numbers for staying sober, there are 500 – 600 women online at any given moment in average, so one should decide for himself whether it’s enough for choosing or not.Russian dating site

The site frankly lists its main advantages such as ability to take a part in photo contests, rating women’s photo as an extra kind of ice-breaker, and a constant flow of new female members.

The list of dating blog articles makes it clear that authors and owners care about a male user’s safety and achieving of good results in online dating. All topics are important and relevant.

Moreover, one of brief articles was considered so important that it has been placed right on the main page as well, instead of being published in the dating blog section.

It’s a comparison of American women to Russian women. For sure, something already brought single western men to a Russian dating sites, but this article strengthens their decision.

As to the chat and messaging part of MyRussianMatch, it is quite classical and well-known to men who already had online dating experience, no new features are suggested.

Women’s profiles quality

The average age of female members is 30 so one can easily meet a mature lady who is stable in her goals, less demanding, and sexually confident. Young girls can be found too.

Middle-aged women actually do the best for the site reputation. If there are many of them among active members and the site is ok with promoting them, it means the platform is legit.

It’s because young girls with model looks are obviously a more profitable product, therefore, sites putting them on the main page care less about sincerity and effectiveness.Russian and Ukrainian girls

MyRussianMatch differs from them in a good way as it promotes young girls and older women equally, and doesn’t require very glamorous photos from them. They may look casual and natural.

The last detail that confirms genuine intentions of the site and the women, is ability to exchange all kinds of direct contacts without restrictions or extra payment.

Our dating experts’ conclusion is rather positive: MyRussianMatch is legit and its database mostly consists of serious-minded women’s profiles.

Some helpful notes and tips for male users

Usually reviews on dating platforms contain only the author’s brief opinion and some main facts. Users can only take it as it is and keep on visiting without much understanding.

But MyRussianMatch has certain typical elements of other dating sites, so we decided to take a look at them and analyze them in depth for your better convenience.

The title of the site

Many dating apps and blogs are using the word Russian in their title while presenting Ukrainian, Belarusian and other Eastern European girls. It already became a well-sold brand.

It doesn’t always mean those women live exactly in Russia. This definition united so many nationalities during USSR times and Russian language is still spoken in all of those countries.local dating agencies in Ukraine than Russia

But of course, Eastern European women’s common trait isn’t language only. They are united by old-fashioned values especially when it comes to family and relationships.

And it’s such a rarity in a modern world that men are literally hunting Slavic women! So they react with enthusiasm on the definition Russian women no matter which region is meant by authors.

Why Ukrainians rock?

Another interesting question is why exactly Ukrainians are so massively presented on Eastern European dating sites. Why are the site owners making this choice?

The answer is practical, it’s easier to organize and manage the chain of local dating agencies in Ukraine than Russia. Sites like MyRussianMatch, present local agencies and independent daters.

It is so easy to cover Ukraine with dating services because the most hot-looking girls are concentrated on the south of this country, so it’s basically just five – six cities.

Also, it’s a good idea to combine dating with users’ travel plans. Let’s be honest, Moscow is good for business while Kyiv and Odessa are perfect for vacations.

Doesn’t matter if a man is going there for a pre-organized romantic tour or as a sole traveller, he’ll enjoy all possible advantages of his trip, from beaches to majestic theatres like the Opera House.

Those are basically all reasons why Ukrainian girls are so widely presented on MyRussianMatch and hundreds of other dating platforms. They really rock in online dating!

Why the introduction into Russian society was needed

There is a brief introduction on the main page giving insight on the reasons why would Russian and Ukrainian girls be interested in foreigners. There are some interesting statements.

The author, in fact, says that all Russians were poor when international dating started to be popular; that they are richer now and more sober emotionally; that none of the site members are scammers.

Let’s analyze each of this facts from the point of reality. Russians and Ukrainians weren’t very poor before the first wave of their popularity, they were in a temporary economical collapse.

It was the continuous period between the stability of USSR and uncertainty, even chaos of post-Soviet period. However, many people lived well, were getting an expensive education, buying cars.casual Russian dating

Odessa, for example, as a target city for Eastern European dating, were remaining a profitable harbour in all times. These women weren’t on the edge of poverty like Filipinas or Cuban girls.

The author had to focus on another aspect, that Ukrainian mail order brides of the first wave were fascinated by the possibility to move abroad for seeing the world and finding better jobs.

They didn’t idealize western men from the beginning and it didn’t change. Ukrainian women are practical just like Polish, they always count on themselves and consider extra options.

Finally, it’s good that administrators of the site keep an eye on female members and make sure they aren’t asking for money, but it’s not enough for weeding out the scammers.

The site team is currently developing the system of extra verification and innovative security measures, but for the moment, nothing is controlled very strictly. One should rely on his own carefulness.

However, it was fair from the owners’ side to warn male users right on the main page about the necessity to watch out and keep from sending the money to anyone met online.


MyRussianMatch is a new yet classical dating platform with a wide and growing access to Eastern European women of different nationalities. It is equipped with the dating blog.

Both sections are well developed and promise to become even more fruitful. There are numerous success stories already and they keep on being added.

Women’s profiles on MyRussianMatch look really trustworthy by many parameters. Women are responding to all requests and messages actively, in a genuine way.

Women’s contacts can be easily gotten, yet it’s crucial not to share too personal information such as your general email address that you frequently use. It may be flooded with messages.

The anti-scam control also mostly lies on the user’s shoulders although the administrators promise to put efforts in this regard too. Messages are mostly reviewed and semi-censored.

In general, we would rate MyRussianMatch as high as four stars out of five, for their great job as a dating blog and quite effective dating services. Some improvements should be done, still.

We recommend the site to 28 – 60 y.o. western singles interested in serious or casual Russian dating, but the platform could be interesting and informative for young men too.

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