Russian-women-dating has been created as an alternative to blogs and vlogs that only advertise or promote dating services without providing a profound assistance.

Here a single person interested in Eastern European women, can find all necessary information and the tips from family psychologists, dating experts, travel agents.

We consider bringing singles of other cultures together our mission. It helps to create healthier relationships based on a constant interest and curiosity towards each other.

Eastern European girls are also known to keep stronger family values and human values in general, which is vital for a western society with its consumerism and skin-deep attitudes.

That’s why our dating blog is more profound and covers numerous topics not just Russian girls beauty and sexiness. It’s a two-way road and partners need to learn to understand each other.

In the materials of our blog, we combine consultations of psychologists with our real users’ experience in order to get the whole picture of recommended patterns and strategies.

Russian women are a very wide definition and it consists of many categories, but we strive to embrace all of them so that our male users are informed in a full volume.

Russian-speaking women on all the territory of former USSR, as well as those ones who are abroad for studies, work, vacation, are mutually interested in western men and happy to get in touch.

But it’s crucial to use only trustworthy and legit dating sites and apps, with well-checked and verified database of genuine women. We do our best to provide you with the list of such platforms.

As dating experts and travel experts, we are confidently against unnecessary time waste and money waste. So our tips and guidelines are mostly meant for saving your budget and energy.

In our team, we have statistics analytics, interviewers, experienced bloggers, travel agents, and writers amateurs who are either married to Russian women or dated them for years.

We love our work and volunteer for it on a daily basis, in order to make your private life happier and more saturated. We’re always open for friendships and cooperation.