Customer support

The site Russian-women-dating provides and guarantees a qualitative Customer support that includes technical support, and informational support such as FAQ and email notifications.


Online chat with our dating specialists and technical team is optional and may not be available without a big urgency. Contact us field works optionally for less urgent issues.

Users acknowledge that in our forces is only solving purely technical issues connected with temporary failures, general improvement of design, updating features, when it’s needed.

Some of these updates aren’t done by demand but rather initiated by us in frames of a regular process of renovation and our services progressive development.

But we do not perform extraordinary solutions such as preventing someone from using our site without reasons, or changing the title of the site or the article because they do not suit someone.

Non-technical requests aren’t taken into consideration and aren’t accepted for a further processing. Some of the technical issues may not be solved by us either.

Among such cases, are Internet failure or electricity failure from the user’s side, device failure, misunderstandings and misinterpretations leading to the technical problems.

Since our dating blog naturally consists of texts and images, we do not upload or send any videos and other inappropriate content by request, and do not share people’s personal data.

Our customer support team includes various technical experts who are volunteering for our project and have their full-time jobs so they may not be available at any given moment of time.

The user acknowledge that answers to some of his questions and requests can be found in the FAQ section or understood logically so he should reduce the number of tasks and orders.

Finally, the user agrees to cooperate with technical support team in case if needed: when they re-check the equipment from both sides or some information should be mutually shared.