Do guys remember drunk hookups with friends and what they think

Most of hookups aren’t sober, so modern singles got used to regrets and benefits involved. But casual sex with friends is a rare thing and requires a certain reaction.

It does happen that free hookups with new friends feel awkward after. Often, girls prefer guys to remember nothing or at least act neutrally.

The practice shows though guys do not want to forget such a precious experience. The difference is just in their attitude that severely depends on one’s personality and views.

“I hookuped with my friend after a picnic we had with a big company”, Sarah says. “We drunk a lot and I would prefer this to never happen, but it did. I valued our friendship.

His behavior indeed changed the next day and I understood he recalls every moment in his memory. He seemed confused about what to do, but also disappointed.

I took a pause in our communication then and focused on my studies and work. I knew he discussed that with our other friends though and thought it was a mistake.

I did the right thing when I created some distance between us. After a few months, we were already able to talk again without any inconvenience”.



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