How to gay hookup with a straight guy making it less awkward

Today, there are many bi-curious guys around, so there’s no need to get laid with gay men only. Seducing a straight guy is getting easier each day, so all you need to do is to grow modern enough.

  • Party time. Of course, the best things happen while people are partying. Your case may not be an exception. Hookup in Boston with a man you like, using the power of the alcohol.
  • Gay and bi-curious apps. It’s only logical to get laid with a straight guy through the themed app of nightclub. Once he came there, it makes no point to play innocent.
  • Common friends. Nothing prepares for sex better than the right company. If you have met through the good and understanding friends, it will be easy for you to hookup.
  • Massage and SPA. Guys who take a great care of themselves, are often bi-curious, to say the least. The atmosphere is seductive as well, so just notice someone interested and try.
  • Events of art. Find an artist or photographer who is LGBTQ-friendly, and attend their event paying attention at straight guys who stare at you. You’ll get laid most easily.

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