Russian Dating Profiles

Quite a large number of men have the intention of meeting Russian women for dating and marriage because Russian ladies are incredibly beautiful and nicer than women in other countries. Because of high demand for Russian women, online dating fraudsters of the situation to create fake Russian dating profiles to swindle unsuspecting men of their money and other valuables. However, it has been discovered that the majority of the scams did not originate from Russian girls.

Russian Women for Marriage

1. Email Address Test: Having a relationship with a Russian lady usually starts off through emails. You can screen the emails to determine the authenticity of the sender by checking the email address from the email’s “From:” field. Check the end of the first email. If the sender (an expected Russian woman) asks you to reply to an email different from the address in the “From” field, then that should be a red flag that scam is imminent.

You could let your guard off a little if the email “From” field address is from the Russian dating site. That only means that she sent the mail through the dating site for her security and privacy since she would be receiving hundreds of emails daily from interested men.

2. Find Her Location: Another way you can spot fake Russian dating profiles is by finding her location. Getting to know the exact location that the Russian woman is communicating from is very crucial to verify her intention. You can confirm her location through the emails. Every email has an originating IP address which is best for knowing the real location of the sender. Configure your email client to view “full headers.”

russian blonde women

What you are looking for is like this “Received:” or “Received From:” that will be followed immediately by a set of four numbers separated by a period. For instance- Received From: Copy the number and save it in a notepad. Go to an IP tracking website on your browser and input the following: – and enter her IP address. Therefore, you enter to know her real location.

Take those two steps to verify if the person you are relating to is genuine as regards her address. Meanwhile, you can save yourself a headache by visiting and sign up. There are thousands of true and authentic Russian dating profiles that have been screened and verified by the site admin to prevent scams and unwelcome development.


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