LoveMe Review

LoveMe Review

The quick primary research

LoveMe is a dating site well-known worldwide with so many options that it’s hard to list them, yet its messaging features are pretty simple and intuitive.

The site offers all popular kinds of international dating such as Latin American and Asian, but it is mostly focused on Eastern European dating and organizes Singles Tours in all these destinations.

It allows to call LoveMe a travelling agent as well since they claim to have offices in each city visited, and there is a huge assortment of them. A free tour can be won as well.

Ukrainian dating and tours are a considerable part of LoveMe services. Tours are being made to Kiev, Poltava, Dnepr, Kharkov, Odessa, Kherson, and Nikolaev.

Those are either the biggest or the most popular cities of Ukraine famous for their gorgeous female citizens, so all destinations are reasonable and well-grounded.beautiful russian girls

Single tours are basically what you would call Romantic tours available on other sites. This service gives you a good choice of girls in case you didn’t choose some by a private correspondence.

Free dating seminars are mostly conducted within the US, Canada, Australia, i.e. western countries. These seminars are basically promoting their services but give some useful info, too.

One can also book apartments through LoveMe in such big cities popular for dating as St. Petersburg, Kiev, Odessa, Lugansk, Cartagena, Medellin. So not all big cities are covered.

In addition, the company assists with getting a fiancée visa and all accompanying documentation. This service is in a high demand among western men as well.

The VIP Matchmaker service is an extra paid feature that includes personal and innovative technologies of matching, since it is normally automatic and impersonal on the site.

The main page also leads to extra services such as online and offline translation, dating blog with dating tips of all kinds, Top dating sites and agencies, and other helpful stuff.

The partner search window is situated right in the centre of the page so it’s hard to miss it even among such an informational variety. One can set up a partner’s age, weight range, and region.

How it works from inside

Doesn’t matter how many services and different options LoveMe offers, it still remains a dating site, first of all. From this point of view, it’s quite elementary and plain.

It is unique in its own way because there’s no chat or video chat, just messaging and photo gallery viewing. Let’s see how such simple features work and function.

There is one strange detail about messaging on LoveMe, it’s necessity to wait until your message is delivered and received. It’s technical postponing, not manual or intentional.

We actually have an explanation of that from the local agencies’ side. Due to a huge number of success stories and a serious organization on LoveMe, too many single women are joining daily.

Despite its fame, the number of male users is considerably smaller. So they would be really annoyed if they received like ten thousand messages a day each!

To optimize the process, the site team applied special filters regulating the flow of messages. Only 5 – 10 percent of the whole amount is being delivered daily.real russian women

It is also necessary for technical reasons, not only for ethical. There would be constant failures of the traffic and the site features if all the bunch of messages was flowing back and forth.

Let’s get real, first messages from girls usually have an introductory character, it means they are just patterns and sent both automatically and manually by the agency workers.

Sometimes girls are sending them by themselves but it’s only if they have plenty of free time and leave all other activities behind, because it takes long hours to promote their profile on the site.

At the end, after a day of such a monotonous sending, she’ll be lucky to get one message. And we’re talking about the most beautiful models with perfect photos, not about average girls.

When the correspondence starts, unfortunately, these messages are waiting in a long line just like introductory letters. So one shouldn’t expect to get a reply immediately.

Many dating sites are making it possible to exchange up to ten messages a day with the same girl, all depends on how busy you two are and how fast you type. It’s more profitable for the sites, too.

But LoveMe are probably having their main profit from extra services such as tours for singles and booking, so they didn’t organize the immediate exchange of messages so far.

Therefore, if you are already arriving to some city and want to let the girls know, it’s important to write to them much in advance, otherwise you two will not be able to get in touch in time.

Now you know the nuances of messaging so you realize it’s easier to contact a girl you liked, without hesitating. Otherwise you may wait for her impersonal introduction message for months.

Other details of corresponding

A girl’s profile may contain from 3 to endless number of photos, but she indicates maximum 5 of them as main profile photos and attaches other ones to her messages when she wants.

Her profile can be brief or detailed, but in any case, a man’s attention is captured by her main photo and 4 more pictures preview. So, girls are interested to post very bright or only studio photos.

Because of this, it’s really hard to say whether this girl is the one you need or not, because over-glamorous photos look a bit fake and less trustworthy.

The competition among the girls is really huge, both in one location and globally. In fact, it’s hard to chose where to travel for meeting a girl, because all destinations and all girls are attractive.many single women

Although it would make sense to write long informative letters once they are delivered so slowly, it isn’t a habit on LoveMe to do that. All messages are brief or medium.

Very often, men open letters because of curiosity or because of girls’ sexy photos, but do not reply. For sure, it also happens because of impersonal introductory messages.

Therefore, the most important advice regarding the correspondence is to catch a girl who is really your type, very quickly and set up a meeting in advance. Then you’ll be ok.

Expert’s summary

LoveMe is a dating site that seems to never give up its positions in the market. It already embraces too many branches and chains worldwide to ever give up.

Despite its most obvious disadvantages, such as the absence of innovations and updates, it works pretty effectively but the knowledge of nuances is keenly needed for using it.

For example, the delays issue isn’t very clear to all men and they should get used to the manner of messaging on LoveMe. Girls’ profiles also seem brief to the most of men.

On another hand, it’s not occasional that a main page is so much overloaded by the information. It gives a good insight on how much busy the company is matching singles globally.

Exactly because the database is enormously huge and so many services are provided, they never have time to get innovative or even update the main page.Eastern European dating agency

Particularly, the tours to the occupied territories such as Donetsk and Crimea, are still advertised and offered on the main page, but of course, such tours do not take place anymore.

It would be simply dangerous for western tourists and for the offices of LoveMe as well. So in case you have any doubts or concrete questions about the site services, better ask through the customer team.

When it seems a company doesn’t put enough efforts, one has to realize all these listed categories of girls are in a high demand in the West already, this tendency won’t disappear.

The site just was launched at the right time, with the right purpose, and it got too many clients to manage small details. LoveMe should be accepted as it is, and taken the most profit out of it.

We rate it high because it is totally focused on real meetings, and isn’t suitable for long meaningless correspondence that would only suck the money out of male users.

It continues producing success stories every day, non-stop, and this is what we call a real international dating. LoveMe is in our Top list of recommended sites.

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