Privacy Policy

Every user of the site Russian-women-dating is ensured he remains secure and protected by the technical means of the platform as long as he follows the common recommendations of use.

The User’s rights and responsibilities

The User has all the freedoms and advantages of using the current dating blog and promoted sources. In return, he accepts certain obligations and promises to keep them.

Particularly, he doesn’t intend to harm the platform, its owners, or other users in any way, not by technical, verbal, or other means. He is using the site for its main purpose, i.e. reading its materials.

The User doesn’t hack, misuse, steal from, or severely criticize the current site. He is obliged not to post offensive, racist, radically negative comments or questions on its base.

These demands of the site administration aim to establish emotionally healthy and psychologically stable atmosphere on the site pages for other visitors’ comfort.

The Site Team responsibilities

The Site Team responsibilities lie in a field of customer’s interests and therefore include: technical support 24/7; the relevance of provided information; online protection of the user’s data.

We hereby notify and confirm that a user’s data is saved just partially and automatically for his own convenience and other users’ security, no extra data is saved or stored.

We also guarantee that every loyal client or an occasional visitor of the site, as well as all audience in general, can be given an informational or technical kind of help when requested.

The Site doesn’t guarantee or provide finding a partner, arranging a date, or setting up the marriage. We insist that our services are completely educational and theoretic.

The Site doesn’t hold a complete responsibility for the third part content or result, since any promotion or advertisement have a character of subjective advice or a mild recommendation.