What to put on Tinder bio to have success online

Everyone knows the Tinder bio should be short and cool. So how to reach that in a best way? Teenagers can give a good example of self-presenting, although it’s an adult dating app.

  1. Use as many emoji as the teens do. It’s totally appropriate for the bio text. Read stories on 100hookup it helps for succesful dating. The smileys should be horny and playful, with a sexual meaning. Definitely not childish ones!
  2. Do not share too profound facts. Hey it’s Tinder, not Linkedin. Please, do not overload your profile or your potential matches with too personal facts and info.
  3. Be proud of yourself as you are. Being a bit skin-deep and egocentric is just ok for Tinder. Have a healthily high self-esteem and focus on your cool sides in the bio.
  4. List your kinks and tastes. You’ll instantly interest your matches with some unusual and spicy kinks they’d also like to try. So, never to be fully classical on Tinder.
  5. Keep it brief, still. After all, there are special books and articles on the Internet teaching how to be brief and exact in your texts. Study one of those guidelines.



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